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Picasso Photography is The Midewest Number one Green Screen Photography expert. Specializing in Fitness, Swimwear, Boidior and Outdoor Photography. We recently have been named as the top photographer for IMB Talent and Booking Management. Published photographer and 3d art modeller and website design tools including animations, Flash portfolios and 3d rendering... Join Us Now!

Picasso Photography


Picasso Photography has photography specials throughout the year. We also can create T shirts designs and other promotional items for your event.


Half off our photography and artwork for new clientele.. We also book models for promtional business advertisements and have all the tolls that a business would need to run a sucessful promtional campaign.


"Picasso Photography helped our new bar with one of our campaign events.. having gorgeous models hand out our opening day event gala.. A real plus getting our opening day event a success"- Andre


Picasso Photography has just signed a one year contract with IMB Models and talent booking agency as a lead photographer and casting agent. Always looking for experienced and non experienced talent for Modeling and promtional gigs.